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Data driven
business insights

Transforming today’s data for tomorrow’s success

Data, the oil of the 21st century.

As businesses collect increasingly more complex data sets around customers, production and processes they are becoming increasingly overloaded and unable to extract meaningful actionable insight from that data. Typically, this volume of data is too complex for humans to process effectively.

As Herbert A. Simon famously put it… “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention”

This is why Par8o exists…

Par8o can quickly transform the trivial many data points, into the vital few. This enables faster and more accurate decision-making for businesses that require locational advantage; which should be every business that wishes to excel in the modern, highly connected world.

Par8o respects the 80/20 principle as applied to market indicators and data.

“The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes (the “vital few”). Other names for this principle are the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity.”

Not all market indicators, data points and relationships are created equal; they should be customised, weighted and prioritised according to the nuances of each specific opportunity and its unique drivers.

Par8o analyses such market opportunities accordingly by leveraging an intuitive, highly visual and interactive geospatial platform to enable timely, efficient and cost effective decision making that is grounded in factual, precise and relevant data.

Par8o’s Experience

Par8o’s geospatial platform and associated analysis is utilised by several of Australia’s leading companies including:

Short Term Accommodation

Emerge Lifestyle




Real Asset Management

Container Recycling Schemes

Container Exchange (COEX)


Prospecta Utilities

Who Runs Par8o

Pete Bell – Director

Pete Bell is a highly regarded Researcher, Analyst and Strategist with diverse experience across a variety of sectors that predominately exist in the alternative real estate space.

Pete Bell, highly regarded Researcher, Analyst and Strategist

He is passionate about combining his skills in geospatial analysis, town planning, economics, data, human behaviour and business strategy to drive commercial value.

This unique fusion of skills can uncover non-linear insights, often contained within complex environments.

Allan Larkin – Strategic Advisor

After more than 30 years’ previous experience in construction and property, Allan Larkin is focused on supporting a suite of Australian businesses in sustainability, innovation and the environment. Passionate about taking Australian innovation to the next level is the driving force behind Allan and Digital Infratech.

The unique synergies within Digital Infratech enables total vertical integration across a range of industries, underpinned by the research & development of sustainability, innovation and environment.

Backing these businesses enables competitive advantages and excellence in digital infrastructure, design, manufacturing, logistics, security, health demographics and research, all backed by leading edge technology and systems.